RVTL Anti-Aging Review

Not all of us can expose our skin to different products. I mean, I unfortunately have sensitive skin, if I decide to use some products I have to be really careful as my skin is reaction-prone.  My darkening eye circles made it essential for me to find an effective eye cream quickly; because the dark circles did not only make my face appear dull but they also brought low self-esteem along. I got to know about RVTL by Phoenix labs, which is a company that manufactures anti-aging creams. It not only helps reduce dark circles but prevents wrinkles and crow’s feet as per company’s claim.

I searched for reviews regarding RVTL Skin so they could provide me with a sense of authentication.  But I justread one review and placed my order. Actually I placed my order online through a website called phoenix-labs-inc.com, based on a 14 days trial. This trial offer successfully grabbed my attention because I could actually use the product for free. When it arrived, I thought about testing it first for any skin reaction or side effects. For a couple of days, I just applied a little amount of RVTL around my eyes and I was happy to see it caused no reactions. I happily added RVTL to my daily beauty schedule.

Some days later,I was charged by Phoenix labs for RVTL; I thought I had been charged for a new supply of RVTL and I waited for it to get delivered. After 6 days of no delivery, I got perplexed and decided to call Phoenix labs to inquire about the problem. On inquiring from their operator, he explained me how I have misunderstood the entire pricing policy. He told me that the amount I was charged was on the completion of trial period for the supply I am already using.  He also added that the 14 days trial offer is not a sample supply; it’s a monthly supply that is based on a 14 days trial period.

I got angry and shouted at them for such a misleading policy. The operator asked me to go through their terms and conditions that clearly elaborate each procedure which were accepted by me. I inquired about my next supply of RVTL and he informed me that I would be sent a fresh supply every 30 days till I do not wish to cancel out for their home delivery program. I thanked him for the information and disconnected.

As I write this review I have to mention that I found their policies and pricing very confusing but the results of RVTL were extraordinary. I can see a vast difference in my dark circles as they are lightened. I am still using RVTL and I am going to write another review once my dark circles are completely gone. My eyes, once again, have started looking beautiful. Is there anyone else who have used RVTL and would like to review it? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “RVTL Anti-Aging Review”

  1. I am so happy with this company. I like many others ordered the “free” trial of the RVTL by paying only for the shipping and handling. The product did reduce my facial lines and has provided a glow to my face.

  2. I had a similar experience. I was charged for the product without consent, came to know about it when my bank informed me. I called their number and immediately asked for reimbursement.

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